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The Beat + The Pulse

Apr 10, 2019

In this episode, Mindy Abovitz Monk talks with her friend and fellow drummer Fred Armisen about his early 80’s punk band Trenchmouth, incorporating his love of music with his career at Saturday Night Live, his being Sleater-Kinney’s number one fan to co-starring in Portlandia with Carrie Brownstein to his hilarious Netflix Special Standup for Drummers. And he’s been cheerleading Tom Tom since the beginning. At the end of the show, Fred and I take the jokes to the kit and double drum our way through corny laughs. Stick around and enjoy.

"Getting involved with things -- it's like a reason to be alive in a way. You know like when I first started doing comedy on stage it was because I wanted to get involved. I was like oh I want to be with these people performers like me. My way of being closer to them is to do the same thing. So for me it's like being a fan of something and then you know how can I help? How can I get involved? How can I show my appreciation?" - Fred Armisen

Special thanks to: Bedrock Studios, KamranV and Claire Morison.


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